The beauty product that sells every ten minutes

EVEN as a makeup lover, mascara is not a product I typically get overly excited about.

After all, it’s not glittery or colourful like eyeshadow (at least, it shouldn’t be!) nor bold like a red lippy.

But as a product I use every day, I want one that I can rely on not to give me panda eyes or clumpy, spidery lashes.

As a beauty writer and editor, I’ve tried many. Most have been ok. Some have been awful. A select few have been standouts right from the first use.

As a result I probably own more mascaras than I have eyelashes. Almost. But since purchasing L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara a month or so ago, the rest have remained untouched. It’s brilliant.

Brittany showing the results of L

Brittany showing the results of L’oreal Paris Paradise Lash mascara. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied

At $25 (and currently on sale for $15), it’s sits at the higher end of budget-friendly mascaras, but it’s worth every dollar. And I’m clearly not the only one that thinks so – it’s Priceline’s best-selling mascara so far this year, with one bought every 10 minutes.

If you’re after eyelashes that look thick and long but can’t be bothered fiddling with false eyelashes everyday or forking out for lash extensions, this should be your new go-to.

One of the top five most searched mascaras on Pinterest since its release in the US in 2017, Lash Paradise was finally released in Australia in February this year.

I’m just kicking myself I didn’t pick it up sooner.

Brittany claims even after 12 hours wear, her mascara still looks great. Picture: Supplied.

Brittany claims even after 12 hours wear, her mascara still looks great. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied

With many mascaras, you have to pick between volume, length and curl. Not with this one. It’s the full all-rounder. The triple threat. The Meryl Streep of mascaras.

It lengthens and separates lashes in just one swipe thanks to its fluffy brush and doesn’t smudge, even after hours of wear.

Since the first application, Brittany hasn

Since the first application, Brittany hasn’t looked at another mascara. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied

I know mascaras claim this all the time, but this one really doesn’t. As someone who absentmindedly rubs or touches their eyes multiple times a day, I regularly walk into the bathroom at work only to see black smudges under my eyes. It hasn’t happened once since using Lash Paradise.

Even after 12 hours of wear, when other parts of my makeup are looking a little worse for wear, my lashes look as good as they did when I first applied it. It will definitely outlast you on a night out.

L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara is our favourite.

L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara is our favourite.Source:Supplied

While I love how it looks after just one coat of mascara ‘wiggled’ from root to tip, it’s also buildable if you want really dramatic-looking lashes.

The term ‘life-changing’ is most probably an exaggeration when it comes to makeup, but this (and no longer having panda eyes) comes pretty damn close.

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